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Show Your Colours!

Posted on July 11, 2012

While Canada Day has come and gone, the Canadian pride is about to come alive again with the Olympics coming to London at the end of this month!

Who better to outfit our athletes than our own national retailer, The Bay

Visit any Bay store right now and you will be greeted with the red and white Official Canadian Olympic Team clothing; tees, winter gloves, knapsacks, baseball caps,  denim jackets with badges and even babywear!  You can’t help but get Olympic fever when you see the designs and variety in what is available this year for kids and adults! 

Even if watching the Olympics on tv is not your thing (opening ceremonies start, July 27th), you can still show you support for our athletes by buying a cute tee or fun accessory!!  Prices are really reasonable with most tshirts at $20-$30. 


It’s gotta be this hot Ladies Denim jacket!  Right now, all denim jackets are 50% off – and you can order directly online (using your HBC credit card gets you free shipping over $45!).  If you have a jacket already and you just want to add your own unique Olympic flare- buy a new or vintage patch for $2.50 and sew it on!

How will YOU support our Canadian athletes??

My Pick This Week: Maxi Skirts by Joe Fresh

Posted on July 5, 2012

Joe Fresh has my vote!

Summer is here and the hot weather has really hit us this week in the T-Dot.  When this weather hits, I love to feel cool in dresses and skirts for work and play but I don’t want to look like I should be on a beach!


Remember the freeing feeling when you wore the peasant skirts from a few years ago…the same feeling comes with this season’s MAXI SKIRTS

Unlike the MAXI dress (that looks like you are going to a pool party),  the MAXI skirt can be matched with a simple tank or tee for a much more casual and everday look.  My sandal choice would be a cute flat gladiator sandal for daytime or even a cheap pair of flip flops from Joe Fresh for after work!

I was actually getting some groceries today when my eyes met this incredible MAXI skirt in the JOE section….I knew I had to have it!  It cost less than my favourite summer ice cream at $19!  Can you believe that price?  I totally love that JOE is not only accessible, but the prices are just unreal…seriously crazy low! 

Find the closest store to you…

Do you wear more skirts and dresses in the summer?  Will you try this long flowing look? 

Sophie xo

It's MINE....thanks Joe

The Power of Colour!

Posted on June 5, 2012

I was just watching this morning’s CityLine about the “Power of Colour” and I’ve been inspired to put some new energy into my blog and write about my LOVE of colour this spring!  Even my “go-to” colour trend source, Pantone, is behind this fab summer brights!


Whether it’s an accent wall of a hot new shade of paint, fabulous new pillows, (I found tons on Esty)  or new linens to update your home it’s hard to escape the hottest trends this this Spring!

My closet consists of every pant, skirt, dress or jacket in black, mixed in with some denim, but for this season, I decided to hunt for ways to update my own look with colour (while keeping to my budget)!

I went to two fabulous parties this weekend and what was everyone wearing? CORAL!  Seriously, we looked like we were a school of goldfish! Pair your best jeans, with a cute coral top and sandals and you can make an entrance at any party!

Forever 21, Winners, RW&Co. are great places to pick up that cheap and cheerful coral tee or a flowing top.


I found my coral SHOE PICKS at Town Shoes.  They have fabulous tangerine embellished flats or wrapped up wedges now on SALE!!! 


What have  YOU done to add some colour to your closet?  Where have you found the season’s hottest shades on sale?

Winter Hat Know How

As an owner of naturally curly hair nothing makes me happier on a wet winter day than a great hat to cover it up! Here are some cool hats I found out & about for fall!

There are lots of great ones at Target this year, Old Navy, Ross, ect. Of course the ones featured here are runway inspired but I recommend using the runway for inspiration & making smart purchases at a lesser retailer.

Floppy fun  and I love the knit look.

Beloved Beanie’s are great & I personally only wear them when my hair is long to avoid the boy look!

Wide brim keeps the hair dry & the do in place! Top pick for sure!

Endless Love

I found this amazing site devoted to shoes & handbags at killer prices. They even offer free  overnight shipping on selscted pairs. This is a great site. Easy to navigate, & tons of selection (I hate it when they advertise a clearence site & all you get is the leftovers & never in your size) which a size 9.5 women needs.

 So Spohoes pick today is check them out & see what you think!




Posted on October 8, 2009

Fashionista is a badge worn by many. Often times it isaccompanied by a very large credit card bill & only brand names. However now days it can mean many things & has even been tagged as a negative. Due to the current state of the economy a knew title has been spawned. This title wouldn’t be caught dead with plastic or a name brand. This title stands for class & common money sense. Reusing pieces to make a new look & bargain bin diving. I love this knew title & feel I wear it proud.

Being tagged a recessionista is an honor for me. To me it means I have found a way to be happy & well dressed without breaking the bank. To be called this means that I have made it & my sense of fashion was not based on a label telling me what it is or is not!

Now this does not mean I dislike shopping…DUH! However I can’t imagine returning to my old ways of retail therapy as a cure all. For those of us that love to shop & have to budget I feel that this recession has helped us to examine our own  intent behind shopping. For me the love of fashion is a factor, but I also shopped to gain things that would help me fill a hole, or to obtain things that would give me self worth.

As I dawn a new day with a new badge of honor I realize that you can love something & not let it define you. You can be beautiful in Gucci, Prada, Salvation army, or Target.  Will I give up shopping.. no but would I survive if I couldn’t.. you bet!

So call me a recessionista, I am proud of it & my hope is that you too will consider examining your own shopping habit. Consider how, what,& why you buy. Then tell me which badge you want to wear!



Posted on October 1, 2009

This is one of my new favorite sites. While I have to admit the clothes are a little pricy :( I love all they have! With classic looks from top line desiners this site will not disapoint. Whether you are a vintage pro or a newbie you will never get a what not to wear peice if you you pair peices from these collections.


A really enjoy vintage fashion, so at times I will visit sites such as this to get inspired & then go thrift store diving.However a shopaholic can’t resist & I purchased the puff sleeved sweater to be my one spliuge peice of fall!

Old sweater made new

Got an old sweater in your closet from last year? Got a cool belt hanging around? Well than you have all the makings of the hottest fall trends at your finger tips!

Try a skinny belt with a new ruffle top & your old knot is transformed into a romantic sleek look!

Find a chunky belt that ties in the color you are wearing and you favorite warm & fuzzy can go totally trendy!

I love the fact that this years fashion is romantic & classic, but it is also painfully simple & can be very versatile. So dig into your closet & see what you can pull together. Chances are you have all the right pieces for this years look!

Ruffles Ruffles Everywhere

Falls hottest fashions are here & one of my favorites this season is the Ruffle! It is back and in full force! Also perfectly acceptable to wear any where, any time, any how! OOOH YEAH!

Here are some ways to wear my favorite trend for fall 09!

Jeans & ruffles can work day or nite!

Dressed up in a hot dress

With pants at the office! Water cooler hotness!

Weak So Weak

Posted on August 29, 2009

Today I saw a sweater…. I am on a budget, I don’t need anymore sweaters, & it is 85 degrees out today! But there it was, just calling my name.  Teasing me with it’s details & seducing me with it’s oh so perfect fit. I am a grown women & you would thinkthat I could resist this type of silly tantilization from cashmier, but I am weak oh so weak.

I wish I was stronger, but the truth is that for some reason clothes make me happy! I mean they are not the only thing that makes me happy but they do help. At this point I may need a twelve step program :( But I would have to buy a new outfit for each meeting!



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