The Big Blue Bag

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Tueday August 18, 2009 1:30 pm


There I was strolling through the isles of Target just minding my own business, counting the items down on my list. TP, deodorant, socks, underwear,hair brush, blah blah blah. When I turn the corner & there was the answer to my hum drum errand running blues.

It was BIG, BLUE, & on SALE!!!! Just hanging on an end cap calling my name. It was as if the world stopped & all I could see was this wonderful bag. So cute with it’s silver buckles & chunky straps. This divine bag was large enough to keep half my kitchen cupboard in & I had to have it.

I approached cautiously abandoning my full cart in the isle. Inching closer to the the SALE sign I held my breath. What price stood between me & this glorious blue beauty that would match everything in my fall line up?  All of a sudden my heart skipped. I felt my pulse race & things got a littel fuzzy as the room began to spin.

$6.00 Yes I said $6.00! Was I on a game show? Where was the camera ? Perhaps this was not a mistake, but had no one seen this purse yet, or had this been hung by God just for me on this end cap of glory? 

Well I’ll tell you one thing I was not going to hang around to find out. I quickly grabbed it up and headed for the register. Oh Crap…. My cart… Spinning around on my heels I double timed it back to my full cart of the mundane but necessary that I had left in the Isle during my moment of cute purse insanity.

Pushing my load & special treasure toward the shortest check out line I felt like a farmer clearing rocks from a field & stumbling upon a gem right there in the middle of the manure. This was a wonderful day!

I handed my prize to the check out girl & watched as she rung it up. Secretly holding my breath I left one I open to see the price display, & one closed in case it was more half the work of closing my eyes in pain would be done! But sure enough $6.00 :)

I paid for my lot when my checker had finished & went on my way! This was a wonderful day & I had a new bag to prove it that cost me less than the TP in my cart, how much better can you get.


The moral of the story…..Keep your eye out you never know when a big blue bag will come your way.

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